Types of Lawyers

There are instances in life where by legal issues come up and you need to get the services of a lawyer to help you out. This warrants you go to law firms with the aim of getting a very good lawyer who would not only be able to represent you in court, but also get a favorable judgement for you. There are however different types of lawyers. It is therefore necessary that you work with the lawyer that is specialized in the area you have a case. When you visit a law firm therefore, the first thing you want to know is if they have a lawyer that is a specialist in your case. Here are the types of lawyers and what they specialize on.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyer is a type of lawyer you will find in most law firms. There is a probability that you would already have watched 1 or 2 movies where a criminal lawyer would have defended a criminal in the movie, even though their roles are sometimes exaggerated in such movies. The average criminal lawyer tries to avoid court cases as much as possible. They rather prefer to help the criminal get plea bargains where the cases are settled out of court. This is because the cost of pursuing a court case is often very expensive and the crime suspect might not be able or willing to pay up to such amounts. Furthermore, the outcome of criminal cases is often very complicated and the final verdict is often not sure. When the plea bargain is refused however or the suspect is willing and able to funds court proceedings, they represent such suspects in the court of law with the aim of getting them acquitted of the crime. The suspects are charged to have committed a crime which include but is not limited to theft, embezzlement, possessing or driving under the influence of alcohol, writing bad checks and fraud.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyer is another type of lawyer you will find in a law office. Family lawyers often try to draw the sympathy of the judge towards their clients. This is often possible as a result of the emotional nature of most of these cases. An attorney was once quoted to have said that an average divorce case in a law court often has more heartbreak, complication and drama compared to a standard 6-pack of homicides and manslaughters. About 90 percent of family lawyers often have to attend to issues relating to divorce. The family lawyer tries to help their client to get custody of the children from the union. In other cases where the child is already with the mom, they handle cases regarding trying to get the father of the child to pay for child support. There are also extreme instances where family lawyers have to represent a child in a legal battle against educational institutions, their guardians or their parents.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are also present in every big law office. They have the reputation of being ranked at the top in terms of notoriety amongst lawyers. They are often nicknamed ambulance chasers. This type of lawyer helps to represent individuals who get injured as a result of the malfeasance, recklessness or negligence of another person. This person who is often referred to as the “bad guy” might not necessarily have broken any rule. He is however charged to have carried out a “tort”, which means a “wrong”. They therefore charge the “bad guy” to court to pay for punitive damages or other types of compensation. When the injury is very serious, juries and judges could make the “bad guy” pay for “life enjoyment loss”.

Business Lawyers
Most law firms also have in their employ, business lawyers. The business lawyers, in most cases, represent companies or businesses as regards allegations that are related to tax and other business issues. Business lawyers handle cases which include lease of property, tax related quandary such as internal revenue, compliance to agreements and issues with rights of employees. Other types of cases they handle include partnerships amongst business owner issues, copyrights and contracts handling amongst others. They are professionals in what the law says about all these type of cases and try to help the companies to get favorable judgement when they are confronted with these types of cases.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

The probability of finding a bankruptcy lawyer in a particular law firm is also high. This type of lawyer assists people who have debts that are higher than what they can pay. When an individual or company file for bankruptcy, both the debtor and the person or company they owe would need to use the services of a bankruptcy lawyers. The bankruptcy lawyer on the one side would try to proof the debtor can’t pay back the debt while the bankruptcy lawyer on the other side would try to proof he can pay. In the event he can’t pay, he would want his assets confiscated and handed over to the person or company he owes or get him to pay as much as possible.

DUI Lawyers

A law firm can also have special DUI lawyers apart from criminal lawyers. While most criminal lawyers should be able to do a good job with a DUI case, DUI lawyers are specialists in only this aspect of criminal law. They represent drivers who were charged with drinking and driving. They try to save such people from incarceration as well as their drivers’ license from being revoked.

Labor and Employment Lawyers

You would also find labor and employment lawyers in a law office. This type of lawyer helps people whose right has being violated through the breaching of a labor law. There have been a lot of such cases, as companies and businesses sometimes breach labor laws for more profit. This type of lawyer handle cases such as irrelevant contract termination, unfair compensation and wages, improper safety measures in the workplace as well as pension and retirement issues.

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